Conjecture Threshold

Today at his blog, Peter Woit responded to some rebuke or other from the stringeratti cabal on his disrespect for their sacred creed and its inevitable ascendance. He's got a severe commenting policy there and I don't begrudge it. I can imagine someone with his votive alert for bullshit borne out of disgust of general delusion as an ecclesiastical order coopts fundamental physics in a way everyone loves to compare to the celebrated hubris that was shattered 113 years ago--I can imagine someone in his position carefully inscribing himself from the ruling academic class with an appreciable buffer that protects comments as well.

But this is my blog and, waxing bold in my own sovereign licensure, I have neither professional apprehension towards the high court of ivy strangled decorum nor reverence for an ostensible ranking of living minds and I grant myself permanent freedom to post whatever I fancy. The following comment was deemed inappropriate for the curated safe comment space on the blog itself:

If we're now in the business of measuring and comparing the 'intelligence' housed in discrete human instances, I'd say that Woit's smarter than any of those anointed to ascend into the high ivory tower incapable of discerning that the multiverse has no clothes, despite whatever whizbang smoke and mirrors they're able to conjure in its favor.

If this comment seems gratuitously homenim, it's because I err towards frustration with the status quo keepers of the theoretical enterprises in fundamental physics rather than wanting or not to construct Woit paean.

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